DeskTop/Laptop Basic Issues,How To Fix

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DeskTop/Laptop Basic Issues,How To Fix

Fix Your Basic Computer Problems With This Simple Method,You Can Follow This,It Will Help You To Fix Some Of Your System Problems.

1.System Startup Taking Long Time

Here is the tips if your system starting too late,you can follow my steps.the problem from the all system drivers running on startup,so it will make your system start up slow,maybe you have to wait 3 or 5 minutes,you can manually change the option from system configuration,this is the boot option of your can manage which software you want to run,you can find the setting start menu-run-type can change the time from boot option 30 seconds to 5 seconds.also the startup tab you have disable some software like antivirus,audio driver,if you enabled more software in startup it will make startup very slow,because when the programs enabled on startup the system need to load all application that`s why system startup taking long time.

2.System Slow

In this case you have to uninstall all unwanted software also choose good antivirus,some antivirus will make your system slow running,also you can apply disk clean up one`s in 3 months also don`t forget to run disk defragment every 3 months.that will give make changes better performance for your can also clear all temp files typing in search %temp% then delete all,also so make sure your recycle bin empty,because when you delete files from your system that will not delete permanently it will stored in recycle bin(local disk C) the option if you want restore you can restore the file later.there is option for permanently deleting files with out storing any data.

3.Windows system update error

some time windows won`t install the updates automatically even you enabled automatic system update,when you try to install updates you will see the errors like update still hang or windows can`t install updates.all you have to do this go to start menu or my computer right click and manage-and look into services and go to background intelligent transfer services hit stop it will run always just choose stop and go to also follow here in windows update properties and stop.

After go to local disk C navigate the folder name called software distribution and data store.edb and delete files all files from logs folder.

And go back to your device manager(computer management section) services the same option i mention above”background intelligent transfer,windows update properties” hit start services. After restart you should open internet explorer(must) type on the search bar top of browser and search which software you want to install.

4.Window Not Booting For Installation

In this case you have to go to bios settings,when you restart system continue press F2 or delete,Esc, that will take you bios menu,in the bios menu you have to change the boot order which you want to use for installation for example if you are using USB to install new OS you should choose USB in 1 save,it will restart again press F12 select USB to boot.

5.Network continue disconnecting

This is problem with your network driver out of date,you have to install manually,if you disable windows update your system drivers won`t install manually,here you can go to my computer right click device manager,there is you can see which software is out of date that will come yellow mark,Right click on that update driver,if you can`t update from there you can download”slimdrivers or drivermax” this 2 software very helpful also free,if you have any out of driver in your system it will decide which version suitable for your computer.


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