How To Install WordPress Manually To Cpanel(hosting server)

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How To Install WordPress Manually To Cpanel(hosting server)

Now i will let you know how to upload word press and how to create website I Think its better to upload your word press on hosting server,with out auto installer,because there is some auto update issues on auto installer.First you have to register your domain,and register host name also,when you done you have to update your name server manually.

Updating Name Server

No need to update the DNS option,you can get your name server when you sign up from your hosting provider like`, you should update even 2 name servers on your domain provider.after update you have to wait at least 2 hours to setting up your domain with hosting provider.after 2 hours just go to download the latest version of word press,when the download finish just right click on  the word press zip file and do not choose extract here,choose extract to word press,after extracting look at the file called “wp-config-sample” select the file and make copy of the file and rename in called “wp-config-php”  after open the “wp-config-php” file you can use with Jedit and go to your hosting provider create new MYSQL Databases you should remember the Databases user name and password,after creating Database copy Database user name and open the”wp-config-php” file replace the MYSQL Database username and password and save not save as, after that download your file transfer clint like filezilla or smart ftp .

after download run the file transfer and ad your host name or IP in the host name box and ad user name and password when connected the file transfer your local computer to host open the public_html file and delete the index_php file ,and right click upload your wordpress file,it will take almost 5 minutes to upload the files,after upload finish go to search bar top of the browser and put your domain name and after the window will open with wordpress settings and you have to ad your MYSQL Database user name&password,after that the window will open to wordpress sign up just follow the step you are done,now your website is ready.

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