How To Create Bootable USB

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How To Create Bootable USB

Here Is I Would Like To Write How To Create Bootable USB or DVD.If You Having Problem With Your CD Rom It Will Help You To Fix Your Self.

This step is very simple no need to create boot file,you can create 100% working bootable USB,if you are going to install window 7 you should have ISO image file,you can download it from internet.if you are going to create USB bootable disk you can use used USB.the USB should have minimum 4GB because the windows file almost 3.74GB so you should have 4GB space on your USB,you can use old one when install operating system you can format the USB and you can use it again,but you should format the USB.this is the software providing by Microsoft name called windows USB/DVD tool,this is most helpful way to create bootable USB,with formatting future can create DVD also with this software,when you download the OS iso file run the software insert the USB into PC/Laptop and choose ISO file because it will work only ISO file you cannot use EXE or other format.

After choosing the iso file you have to do one more step,now i cant provide the photo because i don`t have iso file in my system,so you can just follow the one more step,it will ask you if the USB is used you have to format before copying the installation file.
Installing window 10

If you like to install windows 10 you can simply upgrade,if you are running windows 7,if you want to make windows 10 bootable usb you can create bootable disk from Microsoft by simply using one of application from Microsoft.the name called windows media creation tool,when you install the application that will ask you what you want to do,that means if you want to install this computer it will install on your computer or you want to create windows 10 bootable usb you can see the option there is the window,like create windows 10 iso file.

You can easily upgrade your windows 7 to 10,you can save some money if you will do this your self,this is very simple idea nothing to do much if you are going to upgrade your system,the all file will be there,nothing will be loss.if you are going to install windows 7(not upgrade)you have to copy all of your files to your local disk D or E,because the OS file stored in local disk C,when you install the all file will be clean from local disk C including your desktop files,because the desktop files also stored in local disk C.

currently i cannot provide the screenshot because i have already installed windows 10 on my system.the windows media creation tool only can install if you are using windows 7.i hope this article should be help you to save some money.thanks for reading and visiting.

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