How To Setup HomeGroup In Home Network

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How To Setup HomeGroup In Home Network

What Is HomeGroup .?

HomeGroup is a group of PC in a Home Network that can share all files and printers between one PC to other PC over network. If you have multiple PC in your home you can transfer your files over network without using any USB or CD. All you have to create HomeGroup in your main system,when you create HomeGroup you can add more PC`s in your Network. connecting 1 PC to other PC via HomeGroup you can easily share and copy your files.

How To Setup HomeGroup

Go to control panel option and select HomeGroup and create, in that window you can choose which files you want to share ¬†(videos,documents,printer,images)¬†click next. after you can see your HomeGroup Default password of your HomeGroup, you can change it if you want. when you want to connect other PC to HomeGroup you should provide the correct password of HomeGroup, then only it will allow to access other PC to HomeGroup. Also when you joined HomeGroup you can share your storage such as Local Disk “C,D,E, This sharing option will access your files between one PC other other PC the same HomeGroup. if you want to share only videos you can choose only videos or you can set permission to other users to Modify or Delete the files via HomeGroup.
Note: If you want to ad other PC in HomeGroup your PC network should be Set to “Home Network”

To Share your Local storage to HomeGroup

Right click on the disk which you want to share choose share with in that window choose share this partition or Disk, you can choose what kind of files you want to share from that storage(D,C,E).

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