How To Promote Clickbank Product Free

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How To Promote Clickbank Product Free

Here is the way you can promote clickbank products free with out spending money and with out website.If you follow this steps you can get some extra income from clickbank,we no need to pay for pay per click just follow the step below.

Gmail Autoresponder

Im highly recommended for this,just you have to create new gmail id like which product you are going to promote then the gmail id should be related to your niche,for example you are going to promote data entry jobs or paid survey jobs there are many more products available for online jobs so you have to create email like that.when you create your gmail id you have enable your autoresponder from gmail settings,on`s you set up you have to write some messages in the box,if you know you can create your self or you can get from the affiliate site,which product you want to promote you can go to their website affiliate section there is you can see affiliate tools banners and email swipes and pay per click keyword,just copy the email swipes and paste into autoresponder,also just insert on of banner and you have insert your affiliate link also,the affiliate link should be link in one words you can provide”Sign Up Now or Start Work Today” then insert your affiliate link,when someone buy from your link you will get paid.remember your message should be attractive when peoples receive your mail they should know something is important in this mail.


Post ads on facebook

this is very helpful way to get more customers,if you have a hug facebook fan page you will be lucky,just create message and the title should be attractive like “Help Wanted” then write some words and put your gmail id and the affiliate link,and mention if interested person please send me email,when they send you mail they will automatically receive your mail,because we enabled autoresponder .you can follow the same way in twitter also.

Post Free Ads.

You can follow the same what you post in facebook,here is i will provide free ad posting sites,the sites totally free also very helpful,just type your message mention your email address when they try to send you message they will automatically receive your mail,you don`t have to do other anything.

Here is the sites for free ad posting.

The above i mention free post ads sites I`m highly recommending,do not forget to mention your email id.

Create youtube video and post affiliate link

Here is the way you no need to create video the one i will share here when you access the website which products you want to promote you can see sample videos in the site just download the video make sure the video is running not in youtube player,if you see the video is running on youtube it will be issue on copyright.when you download the video you can upload it in your channel and make sure your affiliate link on your video description,when someone buy from your link you will get paid.also you can search in youtube for example you are going to promote health products just search in youtube weight loss you can post your affiliate link with some words on the video comment box.

Google alert

this is also simple way,just enable in google which product you want to promote and inform google if anything related to your product inform me,for example if you are going to promote health product just enable google alert,when someone post related to your product you will get message,and follow the message and comment your affiliate link.


Using 10Hits and Hitleap.

this way I`m not telling any guarantee also do not use for your personal website or blog .you can try because this is free way to get lot of traffic to your affiliate link,in your luck someone see the site from your link if they buy.this is all are free this is my small knowledge in how to promote clickbank products for free.


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