How To Create a Blog/Basic Tips For New Bloggers

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How To Create a Blog/Basic Tips For New Bloggers

Creating Blog In Basic Steps

This Article For Beginners,Who Doesn`t Have Idea In How To Make Profitable Blog,How To Make Money With That.Here Is Some Basic Way To Get a Profitable Blog.


Niche is most important if you are going to create blog,because you should have proper idea what you are going to share with visitors,if i choose something that will help our readers, so you have to make sure which you are going to share with visitors.

Here Is Some List For High Paying Niches For AdSense


2.Make Money Online





7.How To Blog

8.Social Media



You can create blog with which you have in most experience.


If you want to become a blogger you should have a top level domain that is standard,When you are going to purchase new domain just be related to your niche like if you are going to choose`make money online`you can choose your domain like can buy domain for cheap price,if you don`t have idea you can contact me i will give .com domain only for $7/year.after you get your domain you can go to next step,if you know how to manage hosting server you can buy hosting server also.i have hosting service for $2.99/month with free .com domain,if you want you can contact me.or you like to use blogger its provided by google,that is very simple to use also,no need to take any tension because if you will buy hosting provider you have to set up you wordpress website its also easy if you are new you can ask me i will set up a good website only for $5,i will create if you will not buy you can set up custom domain for blog,First you have to create blog under any name,because you are going to create custom domain for that so you can choose any name.After point your name server or register DNS  into domain provider.

3.Design,Navigation Menu

Your website/blog should be professional look.just apply nice and neat not over apply brightness or over dark on background.You should have 5 navigation menu on your blog/ is the list some of you can create your self some of you can generate from website,you can search privacy policy generator,here is the list below


2,About Us/Me

3,Contact Us

4,Privacy Policy

5,Terms Of Service/Use


SEO most important in this topic,because if you want to be a famous blogger or if you want more traffic on the internet you should have proper SEO on your site,starting from create proper meta tags,and key words for your website/blog,you can generate meta from other website,or if you are using wordpress you can download any SEO plugins.also submit URL into Bing,google webmaster tools,you can submit and you can track your site status errors on google webmaster tools,just follow that.also you have to sign up for google analytics,there is you can track your site status every minutes and seconds.update your site every 2days,also visit your site everyday 5 or 10 times,that will increase your alexa rank also you have to create widjets for alexa,and if you want you can install alexa toolbar on your you can easily increase your alexa rank.ask your friends to visit your website/blog,you can invite them via Email also.

5.Write Unique Content

if you have a good knowledge about any niche above i mention you can create unique content,do not copy and paste from other site to your site,it will take you in trouble,because if your content is not unique when you apply for adsense they not accept your application,because your content is keep in mind do not copy paste and do not write your self the same subject,just create a different from others,do not upload more videos or big size photos on your website/blog,just make it limit,just increase words on your site,also do not apply  more dark or bold for your words.Create articles every 2days.

6.Social sharing

Do not forget your post for sharing on FB,Twitter,Digg,Google+  that will help you to get more traffic for your website,if you get more traffic you can reach a good alexa rank,do not apply for your site on auto viewing sites,if you are using free hosting provider they will ban you because of over CPU usage,Because When you apply your site into auto refreshing site the server CPU will be High,also google adsense will not apply for like this traffic,also do not apply for paid click,just leave traffic for organic and social sharing,if you write good content and you will create a good meta,keyword your traffic will be increase automatically.

7.Reply For Visitors

Just keep in mind when visitors leave comment for your article you should reply for that,that will help you to bring that visitor again,just give a reply for what they are asking,if you know just help them.also ask them to subscribe your website/blog.

8.Make Money With Your Site

Here is the final step of my this article How to make money with your blog,i mention already this is for beginners.if you have good traffic on your site,if you reach 30-40 articles you can apply for adsense,in that time do not apply any ads or banner on your site,just keep in your mind when you apply for adsense your site should be updated everyday,so they will know your site is keep updating,then they will approve your application with in 3-7 days.if they rejected your application nothing to worry,you can apply in future,there is option for re apply.also they will send you the reason why your application not approved so you will understand your mistake.If you don`t know how to write good unique content you can copy and paste and you can apply for any other ad service like bidvertiser,propeller ads.

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