How To Fix Obtaining WiFi Address Error

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How To Fix Obtaining WiFi Address Error

To Change DHCP to STATIC

Every time you connect to the internet the router will automatically assigned an IP address for that network. This because the android phone is configured to use the DHCP server by default. DHCP is an Acronynm for the Dynamic host configuration, which allows the server to automatically assign an IP address, and the DNS server for the host connecting to the wireless network.

If you have the same problem with your WiFi connection problem when you try to connect to the network still connecting and not getting connected You have to change the IPV4 settings, Because you have a problem with your connection. even if you enter the correct password it will not connect, so you can fix the problem with this simple step.

First you have to go to setting, or select the WiFi connection which you having the problem select”Modify network”and hold and tick on the “advanced option” under IPv4 setting change the value from DHCP to STATIC, just blank the password option because no need to enter again, when you change the IPv4 settings to STATIC you can enter any other IP address. just avoid to change 192.168. because the network IP normally starting from 192.168. so just avoid to change, change after 168, for example if your IP you can set the value up to 1 to 255 like but make sure no one have the same IP on the same network. Do not change anything just save after it will connect.

1-Change DHCP                              2-Type IP address your self       

3-Do not change the starting value 192.168                       

change after 168…. 1 to 255 Example( 

4- save

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