How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

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make money with affiliate

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

There is no doubt that affiliate marketing is one of the biggest way to make money online.

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing gives you a chance to make money by promoting other people`s products. When you refer a person to a site you may get a commission if they purchase from your link you shared. and this is a becoming a favorite online ,marketing technique for both advertisers and affiliates .

How to make money with affiliate marketing

A lot of bloggers use affiliate marketing to contribute to their income. some even take more than $ 20,000 each month from affiliate sales alone. But these bloggers typically have large and loyal audience-something that can take lot of time, Energy and effort to build.

Social Media

Instead of using affiliate links as blogger, you could monetize your online presence on social media. Many social networking sites allow users to place affiliate links within posts,profiles and updates. This means you can use popular social sites with millions of active users on them to promote products as an affiliate.


HubPages is a popular Revenue-sharing site. Users can create Hubs that are filled with useful content,videos,polls and other category focused information.Ranging from art and design to weather,making HubPages a great option to try your hand at affiliate marketing in a subject you are familiar.


Facebook is the largest platform . If you have a personal profile on Facebook, you can start a Facebook page to promoting affiliate products. Your page could be about any subject you have an interest in.

Most Profitable Niches

◊ Health

◊ Relationship

◊ Money

Choose a topic you enjoy and start building an active audience by sharing relevant information people will love. Once your page starts growing , consider using an affiliate program, Like amazon affiliates,Hosting affiliates to start promoting products you know your audience will enjoy.


One of the most natural ways to include affiliate links on YouTube is to do honest product reviews. If you start a YouTube Channel focused on fitness, you could create videos reviewing products like Fitbit and exercise equipment and other gear people who work out would find useful. Then you could link to the product on amazon and you will get commission if the audience purchased products.

Other social media sites

Not only Facebook that allows to post a affiliate Links, you can use also Pinterest,Twitter and Instagram to make money as an affiliate marketer. Since you don`t technically own your social media accounts, you need to follow the Rules each site has regarding affiliate links. and as general rule you shouldn`t only be posting ,pinning or tweeting affiliate links alone. Instead focus on the quality of content first and only include affiliate links when they add value to the information you are sharing.

Amazon Associates 

A more beginner-friendly option to make money as an affiliate marketer, without maintaining a blog or website, is through Amazon. And Amazon Associates program works well with many non-blogging platforms. Plus their tools make it easy to integrate your unique affiliate links into the content you share, whether you are making a YouTube video or posting a social media updates.You can start promoting the millions of products sold on the world`s largest online store which includes everything .


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Become An Affiliate How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing ?

I will explain what is affiliate marketing,How to make money with affiliate marketing.Its very simple idea become a affiliate marketer,here is i will tell you what is affiliate,how to make money with affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing is selling or promoting others(companies)products,there are  many more afiliate websites,like a clickbank etc..when you sign up for affiliate sites they will give you affiliate link,when someone buy from your link you will get paid with in 12 hours or less or 24 hours.

Here is some affiliate websites

What is click bank,clickbank is large marketing place on the internet industry,its free you can sign up for free you can promote free,when you promote their product you will get paid,they have lot of product,like health,jobs,pet food,fishing,yoga,fitness etc..

2.Amazon associates

what is amazon,amazon is world #1 online shopping industry,they are giving chance to affiliates to promoting their products.

3.Rakuten Marketing

4.CJ commission junction


6.Ebay partner network

7.share A sale


9.Revenue Wire


And here is some of hosting providers you can promote them,they are high paying for each sales.

1.Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion hosting is top rated US based web hosting company,they are paying high commission for their affiliates,they are providing some bonus for their affiliates,when you apply for affiliate you have to wait 2,4 hours to wait to approve your application,when they approve your application you can access their affiliate control panel.on`s you access you can set up you Tax Information,or late.

Here Is The Payment From Inmotion Affiliate

Every sale you will get $50

Additional Bonus:$25 per sale

Place them on your homepage above the fold:$10

Provide them your IM onformation:$5

Place their link multiple websites :$5

Like or follow then FB,twitter,Google+ : $5.


One of my favorite affiliate progam,easy and trust.A2 hosting is world`s No1 hosting can earn lot of money with A2 hosting,because they are providing good package for their affiliates.

Commission Futures

1-10 sales =  $85

11-20 sales = $100

21-30 sale = $120

31+ sales = $140


Hostmetro i just new in hostmetro affiliate program,what ever i hope it will help me to get more extra income,i just put ads on facebook ads,I`m just waiting for the result.They are providing Fixed rate $65/sale and the minimum pay out is $100.


Ideahost,one of my most valuabe affiiliate with them.because they are providing $110/sale their affiliates.just lucky i sign up,i just got 4 sale in 10 days,they provide me $110/sale.if your sales 10+ in 1month they will give custom price for your sales,that means you can adjust the sales price.


FatCow They are providing low amount for their affiliates,I mean if some one purchase cheep sheep plan from your link you will get $25/sale.

Commission Futures

Cheep sheep plan = $25/sale

Shared hosting = $100/sale

VPS hosting    =$100/sale

Dedicated hosting =$150/sale

Here is the way how to promote the products

If you have big fan page in FB that will help you to reach more customers,if you dont have big fan in FB,even you can share your link on Fb everywhere,Because if you are looking for free.also if you have twitter you can share also do not forget Google+.also you can set up google alerts for subject to domain or web hosting,when someone post about that,you will get mail from google.also if you like to pay some money you can apply with facbook ads,bidvertiser ads,they will cost 1cent/click,its very cheap if you spend $20 maybe you will get $200 ore more,if you have luck you will get more customers.also you can apply with twitter ads or bing ads,its not free you have to pay.Also you can make email invitation if you have lot of business mail you can make money with out spending anything.

I Hope you will get best thank you so much for reading my article.

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