How To Increase Adsense Revenue By Simple Way

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How To Increase Adsense Revenue By Simple Way

To increase Adsense Revenue

Firstly if you are blogger, the prime source of revenue, when we talks about Adsense optimization  there are many things. But the main target is to get high eCPM and get more cost per clicks more than way to increase Adsense on site. You might have noticed Adsense publishers talking more about CTR and less CPC. If you are really serious about your Adsense Revenue you should work more on CPC Than CTR.

Here is some basic tips you can follow if you want to increase Adsense revenue. I just created 5 tips in my experience and the result was good for me.
1. Website Niche – First thing is choosing a niche for your blog or website is the most important CPC of an directly depends. upon the topic on which you`re writing your blog. before writing blogs try to find out what your readers are searching on the internet and try to present them with solution.
As per my observation the CPC rate is directly proportional to the keywords  that you are targeting the advertisers who pay google for targeting their ads bid for the keywords. You can see it from google Adwords and try to get keywords that are paying most.

Some Best Niches For Adsense

◊ Insurance

◊ Health

◊ Make Money Online

◊ Blogging Tutorials

◊ Web Development Niche

◊ IT related Niche

◊ Forex Trading

◊ Entertainment Niche

◊ Beauty Tips

◊ Criptograph

◊ Troubleshooting Computer Errors
2. Targeted content & Traffic Writing focused content to a particular group of peoples always necessary and equally important to serve high paying Ads on your site. Advertisers look for the topics on your website, and if your website receives targeted traffic they pay more to show their ads on your site. You should look at always to improve traffic From USA,Canada,Uk on your site if you want more adsense earning. Make sure to define your targeted market before entering into any niche. Few best niches that can send you lots of US traffic to increasing your earning.

3. Ad Format – Always use Text and image based ads on your site as it opens the doors for new advertisers to complete for your content. In this competition you always get the best CPC paying Advertisers. So more competing Advertisers more are the chances to get a good Adsense CPC. also consider making use of  300×250 , 335×280 and 728×90 Ads most.

4. Placement Of Ads & Targeting – Placement of Ads in another important factor. If you`re 5 ad space on your page the that is high probability that the ad with highest CPC will be served with first space. The CPC decreases near ads bottom of the page. So if clicks are coming from the 4th or 5th Ad spaces. It is likely that you`ll get a low CPC. Implement targeted Ads to attractive more google Advertisers on your site. The Advertisers also consider the placement of an ads as it , and they may bid high for your Ads, If you are providing good position.

5. Page Rank and Authority – Good PR and page authority is also very important to get high paying Google ads on your site. If your web page that renders Google ads has a page rank greater than 4( PR great than 4 has good page authority too).


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