Common PC Error Messages With Solution

I Have listed some off error messages from PC/Laptop , not explained much whatever some of basic error messages. just follow the solutions which i`m listed below. if you cannot fix your self let me know or post your problem in comment box. List of error messages and the solution. ♦ Hard Disk Not Detected… Read More »

List of Blog Directories/Submit Your Blog

 Benefits of submitting blog to blog directories Traffic from blog directories are highly targeted. Your blog will be exposed to a complete new audience. You will be generate hug number of Backlinks to your blog. Before you submit your blog just create a not pad write following details so you can easily submit your blog.… Read More »

How To Fix Obtaining WiFi Address Error

To Change DHCP to STATIC Every time you connect to the internet the router will automatically assigned an IP address for that network. This because the android phone is configured to use the DHCP server by default. DHCP is an Acronynm for the Dynamic host configuration, which allows the server to automatically assign an IP… Read More »

100 List Of Ad Network For Publishers & Advertisers

100 Ad Network platforms for advertisers & publishers. Here is the list for any one if you want to drive traffic to your site or Monetize your content, want to opt for paid adversting or need to generate Revenue from your content for publishers and advertisers. If you are searching for a good list of… Read More »

How To Setup HomeGroup In Home Network

What Is HomeGroup .? HomeGroup is a group of PC in a Home Network that can share all files and printers between one PC to other PC over network. If you have multiple PC in your home you can transfer your files over network without using any USB or CD. All you have to create… Read More »

Monetize Your Website Or Blog With High Paying Ad network

Monetize Your Website With Some Of High Paying Ad NetWork Sites. If your adSense account banned do not worry and not not stop your blogging, because i saw someone after adsense got banned they are not updating and they are not interested to spending time on their website. Adsense account closure not ending life of… Read More »

How To Promote Clickbank Product Free

Here is the way you can promote clickbank products free with out spending money and with out website.If you follow this steps you can get some extra income from clickbank,we no need to pay for pay per click just follow the step below. Gmail Autoresponder Im highly recommended for this,just you have to create new… Read More »

DeskTop/Laptop Basic Issues,How To Fix

Fix Your Basic Computer Problems With This Simple Method,You Can Follow This,It Will Help You To Fix Some Of Your System Problems. 1.System Startup Taking Long Time Here is the tips if your system starting too late,you can follow my steps.the problem from the all system drivers running on startup,so it will make your system… Read More »

How To Create Bootable USB

Here Is I Would Like To Write How To Create Bootable USB or DVD.If You Having Problem With Your CD Rom It Will Help You To Fix Your Self. This step is very simple no need to create boot file,you can create 100% working bootable USB,if you are going to install window 7 you should… Read More »

How To Speed Up Android Phone

Here Is The Way If You Are Facing The Same Problem You Can Follow My Article.There Is No Software Needed,You Can Manually Fix Your Android From Slow Running. 1.Delete Unwanted Software This is reason your android running slow,its depend on the RAM/ROM space in your android,if you are using small amount of RAM or ROM… Read More »