Monetize Your Website Or Blog With High Paying Ad network

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Monetize Your Website Or Blog With High Paying Ad network

Monetize Your Website With Some Of High Paying Ad NetWork Sites.

If your adSense account banned do not worry and not not stop your blogging, because i saw someone after adsense got banned they are not updating and they are not interested to spending time on their website. Adsense account closure not ending life of blogger, there are many more ways to make money with blog or website. You can try some of this website to monetize your blog or website,even if you have Adsense account you can apply one ad code per page, it will be little distance between adsense ad and other network ads.

Here Is The List Of High Paying Adnetwork For Blog Or Website.


Being Ad publishers is the best and good choices, Because you are in good hands in terms of publishing Ads like blogger or any web entrepreneur of work powered by Yahoo Bing Ads.

Choosing is the best on AdSense Banned.

They offer terrific Ad customization Resulting in high Ad conversion and the RPM is decent. The Ad units are look fabulous and come in many designs, These units can get excellent Click Through Rates in many Niches ( Not at all Niches). High paying CPM Rate Keywords


Car Loan

Health Insurance


Credit Loan CPM Depend On The Countries

US- $ 0.92 Italy- 1.22 United Kindom- 0.82
Germany- 0.93 United Arab Emirates-0.22 Brazil- 0.23
France- 0.82 Ireland- 0.27 Finland- 0.41
France-0.82 Sweeden- 0.57 Germany-0.93
Austria- 0.91 Spain- 0.76 Norway- 0.86
Denmark- 0.64 Argentina- 0.20 South africa- 0.25
Japn- 0.49 Belgium- 0.80 Switzerland- 0.99
Singapore- 0.35 Malaysia- 0.29 Philippiness- 0.22
India- 0.15 Indonesia- 0.13 Korea- 0.29

As for what in-content Ads to use with, I have found the following Ad format very effective. In fact, one of these Ad sizes is my Top performing Ad on my site I place it Top Ad format

300 x 250

336 x 200

600 x 250 ( double Ad bar)

728 x 90 ( if the content body size allow this width)

300 x 600 side bar sticky Ad

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2. Spoutable

Spoutable is a new Ad network and very smart,concept,essentially, spoutable uses exit intent technology when visitor indicates they are leaving the site by placing cursor on the browser address bar. the spoutable ads are pop up. The engagement is high the ads are look great and neat.

3.Engage BDR

Engage BDR is premium publisher direct adversting solution. They are offering a very high RPM, but the one issue when we place the ad codes website will be little slow because of the gif format.


Criteo is one of the most high paying Adversting Network. They are given Higher CPMs, they are providing dedicated account managers work one-on-one to assist with account set-up and continuously maximizing Results. They are proving good quality Ads.


GumGum is image adversting to help publishers turn photos into profitable adversting inventory. You can use GumGum image over lay ads, these are ads that display banners at the bottom of images. You can choose how aggressive the ads such as 10% of images, 20% of images and so on.
Only the one issues with their Requirements of the website or blog, they need 500,000 Monthly page views in order have an  account.

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