How To Speed Up Laptop Or Pc

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How To Speed Up Laptop Or Pc


Here Is Some Basic Troubleshooting About To Speed Up PC/Laptop,Because Everyone Need Their Laptop/Pc Should Be Run Fast While They Are Working.So I Like To Write Some Troubleshooting Tips.If You Having The Same Problem You Can Read My Article.

1 Delete Unwanted Software:

this is the main reason for your system running slow,because if you have small amount of RAM/ROM(Random Access Memory/Read only memory).or if have hug amount of this futures your system will be run normally.because when you open any program sometime its open very late,sometime the program not responding,because there is not enough space running normally for the program,so that will be you have to delete all unwanted software from your system,that will release some of space from your system.also you can download revo uninstaller it will be uninstall any hidden programs.

2.Disk Clean Up

this this is the waste of thing in the system,because when you open any program,it will store some files on your system like if you are browsing that will store some temporary files,it will not automatically erase,you have to manually delete the files from your Local Disk C.all the program will be stored in Local disk C,if you have big amount of file just try to keep in Local disk D,C,so go to my computer select disk C right click on it properties choose general tap and disk cleanup,that will clean all unwanted files from the disk C.also you can delete the temp files from your system by typing in search”%temp&” when open the window select all delete.if ever delete your temp files before`you can see hug amount of temp files in your system,that should be deleted every month if you are using more time your system.

3.Disable Unwanted Process And Services

Here is most of peoples doesn`t know about this,if they are using lot of programs in their system the system will run and start up very you have to take manual action for this.go to start menu type”msconfig” and make changes on startup/services i mean you can disable all the program from startup i will make your system startup faster,you can see the image below.

also you can follow the one of step by clicking my computer-right click-system properties-advanced and settings select custom value select what you want to keep enable or disable.

4.Disk Defragment.

Disk Defragment will help you to run your pc to more efficiently,also that will help you to move some heavy files,you can run disk defragment every 2 months.

5.Antivirus/Malware Cleaner

You can use one of security from microsoft,they are providing free antivirus called microsoft security essentials,also you can run malwarebytes I`m not recommending downloading cc cleaner or other cleaning service.because some time that will make head ache,just do proper scan scan ever week,also if you have downloaded utorrent you can exit from the task manger.  If your browsing is very slow you can delete the browsing history every week,and do not download more toolbar like toolbar,or other toollbars,that will make slow for your browsing.

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