Make Money With AdSense Without Youtube or Blog

Here Is Helpful Way To Make Money With Adsense

Make Money With HubPages

This is very good idea,because no need to take tension about blog design website approve,if you have a blog you have to take care of design pages,traffic etc,but here in this site no need to do anything,just you have to write your unique content on hubpages.when you sign up you can setup your profile,after you can post your own content.its should be yours and unique because when you submit your content they will check it is copyright or unique,then only they will accept your article.

Also you can upload photos with your article,if you have website you can ad your website for the source of your story or picture,that will give you a good amount of organic can ad your own videos if you have youtube you can get more visitors to your channel,because hubpages a big source of organic traffic,this is my experience when i was doing clickbank affiliate program i will create article on hubpages,and i will upload pictures also in the pictures i will insert my blog address,after 3days from my sign up on hubpages,i checked my traffic source in 3 days i got 1700 unique visitors from hubpages.that`s why i like to share here.

when they accept your article you can apply for adsense from hubpages or you can monetize your profile or post with hubpages ads or amazon ads.all are there what you need,so this is very easy way to make money with out youtube or blog,even if you have youtube or blog you can apply your link on the photos when the visitors will click on the link it will take your website or blog,youtube videos visitors can view from hubpages.

Here you can do affiliate program also with hubpages,because there is option for affiliate can promote clickbank product for free with out blog or website or with out any payment, I really feel very happy with this website.
Everything included in that website,you can see your traffic of your all articles and if you have broken links or violation it will mention there in your profile.when they approve your article you can apply for adsense,the adsense ads will appear below or above your post and your this is very simple idea to get lot of income from adsense if you have good writing skills.

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Make Money With BoardReader

Boardreader In this website also you can make money with adsense,you should have youtube or website When you sign you have to submit your web address or youtube address,if they accept your application you are lucky.becuase when you create new post or youtube videos it will automatically appear in this you know one of most important you can get dofollow backlinks from boardreader,that will help you to get good ranking on google.when someone click on your article or videos that will take to your site,so you will get free organic can apply for adsense also or you can be a boardreader affiliate also.this 2 website makes me happy because everyday i can see my traffic from these sites.this is Im posting here i researched some of website,finally i got 2 website i register and i created articles,i mention my website and youtube links,now I`m really happy.

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make money online

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