Make Money Online Tips For Newbies

Here is some basic way to earn some money online

I`m already created article regarding how to make money for beginners. still i like to write more about the same subject.because a lot of them doesnt have idea how to do work online. there are many more ways to make money online. this is very simple idea to earn some money from home.even if you have internet in your home or you have android phone you can earn small amount of money every month.I`m not telling you will get big amount every month. even you have to try.

Pay Per Download (PPD)

This way very simple to get some money. just register any PPD site. in this case if you have a blog that will be helpful. just create blog only for software, you can create free blog in just choose any name related to your niche. when you create a blog create new post about the software which you are going to upload into PPD sites. just create some words anything about the application, you can also copy from other sites. when you create some words about that application upload that into PPD sites after uploading you will get link.
When you will get a link just create ” Download ” button and paste your link into that button.when peoples try to download the software from your link, they have complete any survey ,when they complete the survey and download the software you will get paid.You will get $ .7 to $ 1 every visitors downloading from your link. but you have to promote the link also i mean you can share in facebook or whats app or other media.  I will provide some of PPD sites,you can sign up if you like to do this job.

Best PPD sites(Pay Per Download)

User TestingUser Testing is Focused Researching website and Mobile applications. when you sign up with User Testing you have to pass in one test, the sign up time they will give you to research something or they will give link of one website and you can see the question with the window also you have to enable your screen record, they will give you the link to download the User Testing software. when you download the software it will enable your webcam to screen, when you ready to test it will record your screen. when you complete the task submit the video. in my experience it will take 3 or more days to get result, if you pass the test you can log in to your control panel and start earning.

Earn Money From Your Smart PhoneThis way will work for teenagers, because this is small income doing downloading apps and watching videos and taking small surveys. if you see any offer to download the application just download and you can uninstall that,you can earn simply watching videos this will work for teenagers while they are free in their home.

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