How To Speed Up Android Phone

By | October 21, 2016

Here Is The Way If You Are Facing The Same Problem You Can Follow My Article.There Is No Software Needed,You Can Manually Fix Your Android From Slow Running.

1.Delete Unwanted Software

This is reason your android running slow,its depend on the RAM/ROM space in your android,if you are using small amount of RAM or ROM .that`s why i mention above delete unwanted software,even you have 4GB ROM in your phone if RAM space only 1 or less that will make your android slow down.if you feel your phone working slow i can provide you 2 reason “1,infected 2, reach storage limitation”if your phone infected by virus then also it will effect your android you can download any antivirus like AVG,NQ Mobile security.

2.Clear Data/Cache

Here is the phone space occupied with data/cache you can clear manually that will release some space on android phone,if you feel browsing very slow,or sometime google playstore not connecting internet because of this some time google play store won`t install application,you can clear all data and cache manually,you should remember your password when you are going to clear application data,because when you clear the data from on of application that will erase all your stored data of the application like password an user name.

3.Disable Unwanted process

Here is if you are using lot of application in your android all process will run on your background so you have to disable it manually,its by default when we buy new phone,you can follow the image below,if your mobile already enabled for developer option you can see the option in settings,if no you have to enable it manually,for enable option you have to go about phone and look into the option called”Build Version”just 3 continue click on that,after you can see the message you are in developer mode,go to developer mode look setting called “Don`t keep activities” just tick on that,because that will destroy the activity when you close the application,the next one is you have change option in called”Background process limit” you can set the value(No background process limit) when you change the value that will help you to run your android normally.


4.Disable Unwanted Google Services

Sometime the google services will take more RAM space to run so if you are not using the services you can manually disable it,like Hangouts,google play books.

5.Choose Proper Location To Save Data On External Storage.

It will help you the android run normally because when you save the value to external storage that will not much effect your device.some devices you can`t move your application to external storage even if you have external memory on your android,if you feel like that you can simply root your phone,remember root is android equivalent of jailbreaking,that means unlocking the operating system,so if you have warranty for your phone after root that will be will effect for the android upgrade to upcoming just keep in mind before you are going to root your phone.

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