How To Fix Error Messages In Pc/Laptop

In this article I will provide some error messages and how to resolve it your self,just follow the step if you having the same message.

Low Memory message.

Solution  :

Go to my computer right click and properties and choose advanced system settings and setting when the window open select advanced tab change the value of under virtual memory choose your system primary partition and set to system managed size hit ok. then go run type gpedit.msc when the window open choose administrative templates and system troubleshooting diagnostics in the menu choose windows resource exhaustion detection double click on configure scenario execution level set to disabled hit ok and restart pc.

CPU Fan Error Message(Press F1 to resume).


Restart your computer and continue press on delete key it will take you to bios menu do not change anything from there if you don`t know about bios,just go to power tab navigate into CPU fan speed set value to ignored save and will restart and open normally.

Blue Screen On Start Up.


If you see the blue screen on start up that message  coming from memory,just try to scan after scan your problem not yet fix just open your computer or laptop and remove the RAM and reinstall is the to scan your ram restart computer enter safe mode by continue pressing F8 key and choose safe mode it will open your system normally and go to control panel click on administrative tools and go to windows memory diagnostic double click on it hit restart now and check for problems it will restart your system and automatically scan.after scan complete you can see the message just follow or if you don`t have any trouble with your RAM your system will run normally.

Diskette Drive 0 Seek Failure.

In this window you can see also press F1 to continue F2 to enter set up.just try to enter set up by pressing F2 that will take you to system bios menu and go to standard CMOS features in that tab you have to change the value of Drive A .you can see the volume of drive a (1.44,35 in)set the volume to None and press F10 to save and exit,after system restarting it will work normally.

Diskette Drive 0 Seek Failure-KeyBoard Filure.


This problem from your keyboard.shutdown Pc and unplug all cables like a keyboard,mouse,power cable,speaker screen cable,and plug in again power on system it will work fine.

No Boot Device Available Message From On Startup


No boot device available strike F1 to Retry,F2 for setup utility,in this message your OS operating sysetem missing,try to fix of not yet you have install new window on it.just press to F2 it will take you to in system bios that setting you have change the boot order sometime it will change to usb or dvd so you have to change to you HDD ,because we will change the order in installing time,if you are going to install window with USB the the order should be USB in number 1,or if you are going to install with DVD/CD should be in order number 1,after installation the boot order automatically set to HDD because after installation the order in the same with CD or USB you will see the message,because there is no disk for boot,that`s why you will see the error message.other nothing to worry.this is the same if you are going to install with usb you should set boot order USB in number 1 otherwise you cannot install because of the boot order.


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